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Our Leadership

JourneyPartners enjoys the volunteer guidance of a Board of Directors as well as an Advisory Council. While members of the Board of Directors have decision-making authority for the organization, the wisdom and leadership of a diverse Advisory Council allow the organization to expand and enhance its ministry with the assistance of a professional, committed group of individuals representing a variety of skills and interests.


 Joann Davis, Chair

Ann S. Charlescraft, Treasurer

Nathan Powers, Director

Jessee Stinnett, Director

Bonnie Dixon, Executive Director Emeritus

[Executive Director - Open Position]


Rebecca McKinley

Allan Burton & Todd Heifner

Adam Dixon

Prosper Maponga

Robbie Jones


Our Principles

Partnership is our context, accompanying and assisting our partners in a task or project. Our partners invite us to participate in a project, and we work under their supervision; their self-direction and self-determination at the core of our work together. As much as possible, we live among the people with whom we work and minister.  JourneyPartners journeys are shaped as cross-cultural immersions:

  • We go as learners.

  • We go as students of culture, heritage and faith.

  • We go as receivers, as well as givers.

Criteria for Projects

JourneyPartners is a very small organization, with a very small operating budget.  All our members, including the Executive Director, volunteer their services, so we try to maximize our resources for projects. These decisions are made with some of the following criteria in mind:

  • Is the project in keeping with the principles and objectives of JourneyPartners?

  • Which project(s) are most critical?

  • Which project(s) will benefit or impact the most people?

  • Will the project provide opportunity for US travelers to experience a cultural or mission immersion?

  • Will the project provide opportunity for the host community to become acquainted with the US travelers?

  • Can the project be accomplished as a true partnership? i.e., will the local community be able to provide resources (labor, materials, housing, food, etc.) to assist with the project?

  • Given our financial limitations, is the project within JourneyPartners financial reach?

  • Does the project enhance or expand the reach of JourneyPartners and its ministry goals (geographically, culturally, ecumenically, etc.)

  • Is this a "fundable" project?

  • Can we find U.S. partners willing to commit to this particular project, and to assist in raising funds?

There are also a few guidelines that we've made for ourselves through the years:  

  • We do not purchase land, in the US or abroad.

  • We work with local agencies and institutions, or entire communities, rather than individuals, national conventions or "umbrella" organizations, or individual congregations.

  • While we work in the US and abroad alongside the faith community, increasingly we recognize the value of working with multiple institutions in local communities for a broader "ownership" of the project.



This is a brief timeline of the partnership between JourneyPartners and people of faith in Zimbabwe.

  • 1992-2012: Dr. Tom Graves (former president, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond) met Dr. Henry Mugabe (former president, Baptist Theological Seminary of Zimbabwe) during Graves’ sabbatical in Zimbabwe.

  • 1986-1991: Henry Mugabe studied for Ph.D. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY

  • 1992 – current: Dr. Mugabe taught winter term at BTSR

  • January 1992: Bonnie Dixon studied under Dr. Mugabe at BTSR, “Theology from an African Perspective”

  • August 1993: Dixon and two other BTSR students traveled to Zimbabwe for the Mission Immersion Experience requirement. Study and mission work was under the leadership of Zimbabwean nationals, coordinated through missionaries then serving as president of BTSZ.

  • July 1995: At invitation of Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe, Dixon led mission work team to Zimbabwe to assist in completion of Zororo Primary School administration / library building. While there, Dixon addressed the annual Congress of the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe. Conversations regarding a potential partnership between BCZ and the Alliance of Baptists were begun, and continued until the partnership was ratified in late 1997.

  • April 1997: Dixon coordinated an Alliance “leadership team” (Stan Hastey, a Board member, a youth from an Alliance-affiliated church, and Dixon) to meet in Zimbabwe with the leadership of the BCZ. A formal request for partnership was presented by officers of BCZ, and informal agreement was reached, pending approval by AOB’s Board of directors and BCZ’s Executive Committee

  • September 1997: AOB Board of Directors approved an on-going partnership with BCZ, pending the action of BCZ’s Executive Committee in November, 1997. Executive Committee of Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe approved on-going partnership with The Alliance of Baptists.

  • July 1999: Dixon, under “sponsorship” of JourneyPartners, led the third team to Zimbabwe, to assist in renovation of men’s dormitory, construction of addition to library, and first Church Leadership Institute at Baptist Seminary of Zimbabwe, under the teaching of Dr. Furman Hewitt and Rev. Tracy Hartman.

  • June 2000: Dixon was invited by the World Council of Churches and NCCUSA, in response to a request by the Zimbabwe Council of Churches, to be an international election observer for the 2000 Zimbabwe Parliamentary Elections.

  • July 2004: JourneyPartners sponsored the fourth mission immersion journey to Zimbabwe with two college students, and the second Church Leadership Institute, under the teaching of Dr. Marian Berky and Dr. Bernie Cochran.

  • July 2005: Dixon traveled to Zimbabwe on behalf of JourneyPartners to determine with Baptist leaders future directions for the partnership, assess potential for assistance with hospitals and medical clinics, and represent Alliance of Baptists at the annual Congress of the Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe.

  • June-July 2006: JourneyPartners sponsored its fifth mission immersion journey to Zimbabwe, with a group from Pullen Memorial Baptist Church and four other volunteers. ZimJourney 2006 also sponsored the third Church Leadership Institute, under the teaching of Dr. Jack McKinney and Bonnie Dixon, and included clinical teaching in two Zimbabwean hospitals, conducted by a nurse volunteer from the Alliance of Baptists. Work project was the construction of a 300,000 liter water reservoir for BCZ institutions and community.

  • May-August 2007: Sixth mission immersion journey in Zimbabwe, including students with credits for service-learning curricula. Immersion and work project was in Masembura, for assistance in constructing a hostel to house AIDS orphans. Conducted fifth Church Leadership Institute, with focus on historic Baptist principles and polity. Replaced borehole pumps for water system at Baptist Conference Center.

  • 2012: Two classrooms in Burure Village initiating an ongoing high school building project through partnership with Bishop Ambrose Moyo, of the Ecumenical Church Leadership Forum Zimbabwe.

  • 2013: Burure Village two classroom block completed, two medical team members assisting at Nenyunga Clinic, a rural clinic through Sanyati Baptist Hospital. Two classroom buildings providing 2 classrooms each.

  • 2014: Building project with Kutenda Children’s Home – office and guest room to facilitate in the expanded care of 24 children and care givers.

  • 2015: Completion of administration building at Kutenda Children’s’ Home and fact finding visits to villages around north and central midlands of Zimbabwe. South Gokwe planning for 2016 school complex.

  • 2016: Completion of a 2-classroom school building at South Gokwe.  Building of a chicken house and expanding the number of chickens, feed, medications at Kutenda Children’s Home.

  • 2017: Four well bores placed: agriculture well and deep well bore at Kutenda; two wells in Gokwe region for the school project; and Nyamacheni Village, with only a dirty pond for water.


Our Partners

The organizational strength of JourneyPartners lies in the strong ties with congregations, organizations, and individuals across the country and around the world. Below is a listing of those who have participated in a JourneyPartners journey, and those who support our ministry through intentional prayer, financial contributions, in-kind donations, Jewels of Hope commitments, services, and countless other ways. Please consider joining the JourneyPartners team. For more information, contact us.



Appalachian State University — Boone, NC
Baptist House of Studies, Duke University —Durham, NC
Broadneck Baptist Church — Severna Park, MD
Carson-Newman College — Jefferson City, TN
Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club — Cary, NC
Church of the Ascension (Catholic) — Charlottesville, VA
Church of the Covenant — Birmingham, AL
Columbia Rotary Club — Columbia, MD
Cross Creek Baptist Church — Birmingham, AL
Franklinton High School — Franklinton, NC
Ginter Park Baptist Church — Richmond, VA
Global Women — Birmingham, AL
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church — Raleigh, NC
Lees-McRae College — Blowing Rock, NC
Leslie Martin Pottery — Franklinton, NC
McAfee School of Theology — Atlanta, GA
Mercer University — Macon, GA
Metro Baptist Church — New York, NY
North Carolina State University — Raleigh, NC
Northminster Baptist Church — Richmond, VA
Pullen Memorial Baptist Church — Raleigh, NC
Southside Baptist Church — Birmingham, AL
University of North Carolina at Charlotte — Charlotte, NC
Vineville Baptist Church — Macon, GA
Wake Forest Divinity School — Winston-Salem, NC
Williamsburg Baptist Church — Williamsburg, VA
Woodbrook Baptist Church — Timonium, MD 





Ardmore Baptist Church — Winston Salem, NC
Alliance of Baptists — Washington, DC
Appalachian Outreach — Jefferson City, TN
CBF of North Carolina — Raleigh, NC
Center for Legal Assistance — Raleigh, NC
Central Baptist Church — Newnan, GA
Church of the Covenant — Birmingham, AL
Church on the Rise — Rocky Mount, NC
DeArmond Fund — Jefferson City, TN
Delta Kappa Gamma of NC — Raleigh, NC
Edge Outreach — Louisville, KY
Fair Trial Initiative — Durham, NC
First Baptist Church — Culpeper, VA
First Baptist Church — Gaffney, SC
First Baptist Church — New Bern, NC
First Baptist Church — Newnan, GA
First Baptist Church — Oxford, NC
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church — Raleigh, NC
Hope Manifest — Birmingham, AL
Judy W. Anderson Trust — Rocky Mount, NC
Lavonia Baptist Church — Mooresville, NC
Meadows of Dan Baptist — Meadows of Dan, VA
New Garden Friends Meeting — Greensboro, NC
Northside Drive Baptist Church — Atlanta, GA
Ogle Foundation — Pigeon Forge, TN
Peace Covenant Fellowship   
Perry's Chapel Baptist Church — Franklinton, NC
St. Mark's United Methodist Church — Atlanta, GA
Suntrust Bank — Youngsville, NC
Unity Baptist Church — Youngsville, NC
Wakefield Baptist Church — Wake Forest, NC
Woman's Missionary Union — Birmingham, AL
Woodlands Methodist Church — Houston, TX
Woodhaven Baptist Church — Apex,  NC