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Kutenda Children's Home

Kutenda is an orphanage for orphaned and vulnerable children, providing a home, medication and basic education for children from the age of 4 to 18 years. Located in Masembura, in rural northeastern Zimbabwe, Kutenda is licensed for 24 children and is currently home to 12 children whose parents died from AIDS or could no longer provide for their children for other reasons.

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JourneyPartners began as an effort to find support and assistance for a rural primary school in central Zimbabwe. In 1995, a small team of US volunteers, together with a large team of Zimbabwean parents and other volunteers, partnered in our first construction project – a library and administration building for Zororo Primary School in Gweru. 


Clean Water

Water is the lifeline of any community. In some areas of Zimbabwe, especially those far from city resources, deep water wells can be the only answer. JourneyPartners works to provide dry areas of the country with access to clean water. We've also worked with clinics to install water purification systems that can run on a 12-volt car battery and table salt.



JourneyPartners has a long-standing history with Sanyati Baptist Hospital. Based in Sanyati, Zimbabwe, the hospital has six outlying clinics which provide vital care to areas where medical help would otherwise be hours away. Each year we aim to bring medical supplies, birthing kits, and baby hats to support the hospital's huge undertaking.


Click below for a year-by-year list of JourneyPartners' accomplishments in Zimbabwe. We are grateful for the many volunteers and donors who have made this possible — please consider how you might get involved to help us continue this vital work!