March 2019 News

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Top 10 Things We Learned


  1. New dining hall and kitchen in progress and completed in September.

  2. 4 well bores drilled in 2017 are working well; serving communities in Masembura, Gokwe South, Nyamacheni.

  3. 12 children live at Kutenda (licensed for 24 children). They love soccer, as proven in the “hat” wearing picture above.

  4. Gardens have beautiful greens for both eating and selling at market.

  5. Kutenda hosts interns from University of Zimbabwe who provide assistance as part of a Social Work course.

  6. Layer chickens are providing eggs, providing protein for children and staff, and income for the home.

  7. A German engineering group provided Kutenda with a solar system which now pumps clean water, along with a smaller system for dorm lighting.

  8. National Presidential elections have been divisive among communities.

  9. Rural roads are generally in poor condition, commonly requiring frequent tire replacement and long hours traversing.

  10. Donations of school supplies, yarn, dresses, birthing kits, books, garden seed, clothes, first aid supplies, vitamins, play dough, paint sets, and Legos were joyfully received!

Here’s How You Can Help


  • Support gardening through seed and fertilizer — $450 

  • Support chicken farming 50 layer hens $15/each — $750 

  • Support land purchase for goat and hog farming — $1,800

  • $65 purchases a male goat

  • $50 purchases a female goat

  • $800 purchases chicken feed and poultry medications for 3 months


There is no free education in Zimbabwe. We work with our partners to provide opportunity for the future. 

  • School fees and examination fees: 1 Secondary School youth, Tinashe — $220

  • School Fees: 11 Primary School children x $20 X 3 terms  = $660 per year 


  • Support young Farai, a kidney transplant survivor, with cost of anti-rejection medications — $250/month; $3,000/year

  • Support children who are HIV positive through clinic and medication needs — $100/month

  • Support the staff and caregivers for these children — $300/month


  • 1 Full Tank of Gas - $265.60 - 80 liters (21-gallon tank) Toyota Tacoma truck; February 2019 - $3.32 /liter (1 liter=3.78 gallons) Cost of fuel is $12.50/ gal.

  • Cement: $12/bag needed 60 bags for completion of dining hall and kitchen = $720 

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Jan Thomas