Join a ZimJourney

JourneyPartners’ ministries take on many aspects; a primary one is facilitating immersion journeys for congregations, organizations, and individuals.

The main purpose of this four week cultural immersion is to experience life in Zimbabwe and learn about a different culture. This is not done in the typical hotel setting where one would venture out into the city for 8 hours a day, but instead through the experience gained in the homes, huts, and townships of Zimbabwe, residing with multiple host families throughout the trip.

While in the country, roughly two weeks will be spent in the rural village of Burure serving as helping hands in the construction of a secondary school. No construction experience is necessary, but a desire to help and follow instruction from the local builders is required. The community has already begun molding bricks in preparation of the team’s arrival, and come out en masse each day to assist with the construction. 

Also on the agenda are trips to various other parts of the country. One is a visit to Masembura where an orphanage was previously built. Opportunities to interact with children will be abundant, as well as meeting those who give each day to ensure the operation of the orphanage. Trips to both The Great Zimbabwe, a stone city in ruins which once served as the capital during 1100 to 1400, and to Victoria Falls, where a few days will be spent at the world’s largest waterfall are also on the agenda.

ZimJourneys tend to entail a strong sense of cultural immersion, faith-based humanitarian work alongside, and often under the direction of, locals, as well as provide an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and make lifelong connections with people who live differently. If this is something that you might find yourself interested in, feel free to contact JourneyPartners any time.

It is truly a life-changing experience. I was moved deeply by this experience. I am planning to return next summer to help continue the work we started this year. I’d love to have you join me!